A Guide to The Best Restaurant Garbage Disposal

Restaurant Garbage Disposal

For quite a while now, more restaurants are embracing the commercial garbage disposers for their food and garbage disposal. Of course, there are food disposers installed under the sink for almost every facility. The disposers facilitate the effective removal of waste in a premise through the waste plumbing system fitted in the building. Perhaps you’re planning to set up a restaurant and you’re wondering how to go about the garbage disposal – that’s alright! Here is all you need to know about the best restaurant garbage disposal to invest in.


Reasons to Invest in Commercial Garbage Disposers

Interestingly, these systems shred and get rid of waste and spoilt food from your restaurant. The food disposal system is designed to convert all these wastes into liquid. Then, the liquid is sent down into the sewage. If you think the system does not offer many perks, you’re wrong. Here are a few benefits accrued when you install the system:

• First, you’re sure not to use plastic bags anymore. Of course, plastic bags cost you some good cash. Secondly, plastic bags are not environment-friendly. On the other hand, the commercial disposal unit does is environment-friendly.

• When you invest in the system, you are sure that your drain pipes won’t clog. Keep in mind that clogged draining systems can be a nightmare for plumbers and restaurant owners. The process of unclogging the system is quite involving not to mention it is very costly. Save yourself the embarrassment and cost by fitting a commercial garbage disposal system.

• The systems allow you to save on bills. Since the disposers work efficiently without using a lot of resources, you’re left with little to pay on water and electricity at your premises.

• During summer, sink disposers produce a bad odor that can be nauseating. However, commercial waste disposers leave your restaurant kitchen clean and fresh.

• Interestingly, cleaning the disposer system is not a dainty task. While most systems are designed to clean themselves, using a baking soda can do the trick!

Other Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Restaurants

Interestingly, restaurants are becoming more eco-conscious – greatly reducing their negative impact on the environment. Besides investing in Commercial Waste systems, here are more tips to ensuring effective restaurant garbage disposal.

1. Reuse any products that can be reused

You can opt to use washable guest napkins and tablecloths. When it comes to menus, laminating them is worthwhile. This allows them to be reused. What’s more, you can replace plasticware with washable silverware. Other restaurants have ventured into biodegradable straw options.

2. Install POS systems

Investing in POS systems allows the staff to handle orders digitally. POS systems provide paperless ordering options along with automated inventory tracking at your restaurant.

3. Donate leftovers to Charity

Currently, there are many charities that are popping up all over the world. Remember, a bigger share of food wasted each year comes from the unused food in the restaurants. Since there are laws that protect restaurants from being sued for donating quality unused food. Thereupon, instead of waiting until the food goes bad, why not donate it to charities?

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