How to Clean Restaurant Dishwasher

Restaurant Dishwasher

It is essential to clean the restaurant dishwasher to optimize its washing abilities and ensure that it is in an excellent working condition. Cleaning it every month is recommended to ensure your kitchen appliance remains efficient and the dishes remain food-free. There are many solutions you can embrace to maintain a clean dishwasher.

Just because it’s a commercial dishwasher, remember that it will not clean itself during the dish-washing process. As you know, your shower doesn’t clean itself when being used. If the dishwasher’s jets and filters become clogged, it won’t have the ability to clean the dishes correctly. Here is how to clean a restaurant dishwasher:

Cleaning a restaurant dishwasher starts by taking steps to avoid food build-up. The steps to follow daily include:

Remove Food Residue

Before putting dishes into the dishwasher, make sure that you scrape, rinse and remove as much food residue as possible from them. Leaving unnecessary food residue on the dishes before inserting them into the dishwasher can lead in avoidable clogs in your filters and jets.

Use the Right Detergent

Always use the detergent your dishwasher manufacturer commends. When looking to lower business expenses, you will probably try cheaper alternatives. However, when it comes to buying dishwasher detergents, ensure that you use the one recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, you need to clean the dishwasher regularly as you will possibly use it every day. Here are the steps to ascertain that your dishwasher is clean at all times:

Wash the Inside Part

Clean the inside part of the dishwasher. Using the recommended detergent and cleaning cloth, give the inner part of the appliance a good rinse ensuring that all corners are thoroughly cleaned. By doing this, you will wash any food strains on the filter.

Drain the Dishwasher

Drain the dishwasher by emptying the tank. After cleaning the inner parts of the dishwasher, you need to empty the tank and allow it to dry. Leave it open for 10-15minutes to cool down.

Clean the Spray Nozzles

This is essential; the dishes will not be adequately cleaned if the spray nozzles are blocked as water will not be circulating correctly. Use white vinegar as a cleaning agent as it prevents hard water from building up on the nozzles.

Empty the Filter

Detach the filters, empty the food bits into the bin, and then clean it with a detergent and soft brush to scrub the food bits. Afterward, rinse the filters.

Clean the Rinse/Wash Arms and Jets

Using warm water, clean the rinse/wash arms and jets. This action is known to clear all water holes that have been blocked by food debris. When done, ensure that the removed and cleaned parts are replaced.

Top off Detergent

Ensure that there is sufficient detergent and rinse-aid. Also, it is essential to ensure that feeder tubes are running efficiently. This is known to ascertain that the dishwasher is ready for use during its next usage.

Air Out

This step involves leaving the dishwasher open to allow free air circulation and prevent any possibility of bacteria build-up.

Final Words

It is crucial to have a professional technician service the appliance yearly. Restaurant dishwashers are quite expensive, and repair and parts are costly. Lower the emergency risks breakdown by booking a yearly service. Like any machine, the dishwasher needs to be regularly maintained to run correctly.

Generally, technicians will remove scale from heating elements, clean the solenoid valve filter, and also check the washer’s operations.

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