Where is Hell’s Kitchen restaurant?

Hell’s Kitchen is a reality competition television series. This American TV series is based on a British series with the same name, and it as well hosted by a celebrity chef known as Gordon Ramsay. Hell’s kitchen has been broadcasted on Fox since the year 2005. The show involves two different teams in each season who compete for a head chef job in a restaurant as they work in the kitchen that is set up in a television studio. If you love watching Hell’s kitchen, you probably have been wondering where it is located, right? I this article, we shall be answering the questing of where is Hell’s Kitchen restaurant.


Hell’s Kitchen restaurant location


According to Cannibal Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is located in front of Caesars Palace. This restaurant is capable of seating over 300 guests, along with two chef’s tables. The restaurant features floor to ceiling windows, which is overlooking the Los Vegas Strip, and they have a private dining room as well as a contemporary bar that serves some of the best trends in mixology.

Furthermore, its kitchen features a red and blue design that is well detailed. This red and blue kitchen is ideal for serving modern lunch as well as dinner menus, which features Hell’s Kitchen signature dishes, which is designed with some high-quality ingredients.

What can you have at Hell’s kitchen?

There are several dishes available in Hell’s kitchen; however, some of the common ones include;

  • Eggs in purgatory
  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • Beef wellington
  • Hell’s kitchen burger

What you need to know about Hell’s kitchen

Hell’s kitchen is not a real restaurant

This might come as a shock to many, but Hell’s kitchen is not filmed in the restaurant; however, the kitchens, along with the dining room are in a soundstage in the city of Culver, California. As a guest, you can request a seat in the dining room through signing up on the show’s website. However, you will have to sign something which states that you are not guaranteed to eat anything.


  1. Gordon Ramsay is not that angry

According to an interview in 2013, Gordon admitted the anger that he displays towards his contestants is just but a part of the show. By doing so, he forces them to offer their best during the competition. Gordon Ramsey is friendly and a very social guy, unlike what you most people perceive.


  1. The contestants have to eat somewhere different

Did you know that despite the fact that the contestants working with food, they will have to go somewhere else whenever they want to eat? Yes, this is very true, according to most contestants of the show.


Final verdict


You should note that going to Hell’s kitchen is not that easy. Most individuals who have set their foot on Hell’s kitchen have their family connected to Fox. However, if you still get a chance to visit the restaurant by signing up on their website, you might end up not eating anything. Gordon Ramsey is well-known for his cuisine as well as his incredible TV personality, including his other hit programs such as Kitchen Nightmares and the MasterChef as well.

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