Why Restaurant Owners Need Regular Restaurant Hood Vents Cleaning Service?

Restaurant Hood Vents

Why do restaurant owners need regular cleaning of hood vents?


If you fail to clean the cover regularly, it may cause a severe fire throughout the building. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional vacuum cleaner because they will make sure that the hood and other essential areas in your kitchen area clean and clean.


Causes of fat fires in the restaurant: Restaurants are full of potential fire hazards. This may be due to a malfunction of the electrical connection, an open flame, or hot cooking equipment. Then the fire can absorb any of the fuel sources, such as vegetable oils, chemical detergents, fat accumulation, and paper products.


  1. A) Cooking equipment: This is the leading cause of fires in restaurants. Kitchen equipment is responsible for 57% of fires.
  2. B) Heating equipment: Contributes to 10% of fires in restaurants.
  3. C) Electricity and lighting distribution equipment: It creates 7% of fires.
  4. D) Smoking: responsible for 7% of the fires in the restaurant.
  5. E) Arson: This contributes to 5% of the fires in the restaurant.


How often do you need to clean the cover?


It is essential that the entire kitchen in your restaurant be clean under NFPA 96. Many restaurant owners skip regular cleaning of cooktops. Commercial restaurant kitchens are usually busy. Thus, commercial kitchens require a minimum of monthly cleaning.


Why Bio Cleaning hood vents? The hood vents and the remaining ventilation system are usually made of stainless steel, and the grease collected over time can cause the fire to burn quickly, and the light from the fat can spread rapidly throughout the kitchen. In some cases, it is difficult to control. Cleaning the cooker hood vents depends on how often it is cleaned. If you clean the lid daily, it will be better for everyone, and you don’t need to clean the grease manually. You can use warm water and safe food for cleaning. However, if you cannot wipe the cover daily, oil becomes complicated and very difficult to remove.


How does cleaning the restaurant help the owners? It is essential that the owners and managers of the restaurant employ the best suction companies so that they examine all parts of the kitchen for vegetable oils and fats. Proper screening ensures functionality and consistency in the kitchen and most importantly, safety. Routine cleaning of the hood vents reduces the risk that kitchen equipment will cause a fire in your restaurant as well as reduce damage from uncontrolled fires. Provides up to 100% safety for your employees, customers, and kitchen.


Moreover, the service is documented with the images before / after. Thus, it is imperative to take preventive measures and schedule regular cleaning of the lid.


Owning and managing a restaurant is not as easy as you think. This complex industry can be useful and stressful. In some cases, it is dangerous if not handled properly. Maintenance-free kitchen exhaust systems pose a significant risk. Therefore, it is best to follow up and plan the hood vents cleaning services from experienced specialists until it is too late. They have undergone rigorous training and are well aware that deadly chemicals are necessary to fire codes to help you with your next health check. These certified professionals will give you the high cleaning standards you deserve.

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